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Heatsink issue

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EDIT: One of these is now dead and the other runs so hot in the case it overheats. The cooling solution for this device is unacceptable.

I ordered 2 of these units and both came with heatsink installation issues. The studs for the heatsink mount are not fully seated on the board so the thermal pad didn't contact the chip.


Re-soldering the studs completely seated on the board fixes the alignment issue, but these guys still run hot. A little tip, after you remove the heatsink, put the screws back in the studs to re-solder so you don't get it on the threads.

Very pleased with this unit, given that it's targeted at tinkerers. Not really acceptable for general consumers though. Still. Up and running without a hitch for a couple days now.

Are these R1S or R2S models? because both are with the yellow case...
These are R2S models.
moose09876 wrote:
These are R2S models.

Mine is in good condition. But its not well designed since it can bent.

edit: its hot, true. I will try how it goes with lowering top speed.
Temps were 72-85C+ in the case. Out of the case with a fan on low pointed at it, they've been 46-48C all day. I ordered some 40mm fans so I can modify one on the case.
Problem solved. LOL


Was 72C absolute minimum without fan.

Do you also know what the power consumption is?
I haven't measured it, but I'm running it off the USB port on my ISP's combo gateway router, since I have that on a UPS as well.

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