m4v2 using emmc android 10 usb c supposedly 3 amp output powerbank
hdmi audio works on a 1080p screen i have
the problem is that the desired screen to use with this is a 5 inch touch screen i have by a company called elecrow does not work with the hdmi audio from the m4v2.

https://www.elecrow.com/rc050s-hdmi-5-i ... ntrol.html

i tried this screen using the same hdmi cable with a usb c hub that is used to transmit video from a phone to a screen and the hdmi audio on the screen works

i am using the fan output with a potentiometer on a blower style fan with an alternate heat sink, but i do not think that would be a cause. either way i tried running it off the gpio for a boot cycle to see if that helped so far no.

kind of at a lost for this issue. assistance towards getting this functional would be greatly appreciated
side note. audio did not work with android 7,8, or 10, or lubuntu on the hdmi side only headphones same as above