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tinycap is not available

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:50 am
by jkcha
Dear Sir.

I am new to Android audio after bought nanopc-t4.
I am using Android 8.1 20190718 version.

I am trying to use headset microphone as well as internal mic. (Original T4 board does not have headset mic connection. thus my team's custom H/W made connection from headset microphone to IN3P.)

Since the voice recording app supports the internal mic jack only by NanoPC-T4 source. I am trying to modify dts and rt5651.c files to support the headset microphone as well. As my understanding the switching btw headset mic and internal mic is done automatically by Android.

As I put many hours to make headset mic, I still can not find asnwer.
Hence I am trying to test tynicap from command line.
In my image, tinuplay and tinymix are available. Only tinycap is missing.
Does anyone know how to add tinycap as well.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards, JK