Good news! Friendlyarm hasn't done it for us yet, but other did :? . I have written with smile, so i didnt say bad about FriendlyArm, but all can be much better, when FriendlyArm will do touchscreen for Nanopi M4. I dont want to dance with a tambourine over the HD702 or HD702e to make it works with Nanopi M4. When it will be, guys ???

So about Android TV ...

Camera (MCAM 400) didn't work. Maybe, someone know, how to get drivers and recompile OS Image, it will be good. I think, it must help. Because it my first SBC, and for now i have no knowldge, how to work with images so deep.

Android TV image from the Rock Pi4 guys. Link -
All you need is to write image with balenaEtcher (can download on link above too) on microSD and boot from it. How to write on EMMC i don't know for now, maybe with our Win32DiskImager (haven't tested yet), or from preinstaled Recovery mod in Android TV (i have no possibility to navigate in Recovery menu). But for now Android TV works good on microSD 10 class. Max resolution on desktop 1920 x 1080. All sort of video playing great in 4k, even 250mbps jellyfish.

How to operate with OS image on Ubuntu 16.04 -

Android 9 also works on our board, but without camera and i have max resolution of 1920 x 1080. Playing video not so great like in Android TV.

If some one know how to write on EMMC and work with camera, i will be appreciate for help.