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Friendly desktop instal

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Just got an M4 with 4 GB memory and trying to install the Linux options.
I have the eMMc that came with android, but not purchased SD card with the images for Linux, will download from site.
Right now the system boots OK on android. I have read the wiki for the installation but need some clarifications.
Questions are:
1. Do I need to install the Friendly desktop on the SD card or can I use the emmc for flashing the image, since I already have it? The wiki says to flash to both.
2. Do I need all the components downloaded, i.e. Buildroot, FrDesktop, FrCore, Lubuntu? I just plan to use the FriendlyDesktop as a Linux variant, since I understand it works best.
3. If I have to do the SD card boot should I take out the eMMC module when doing it the first time so it doesn't boot into Android?
4. The wiki says to have a pc that has Ubuntu 18.04 on it but then the instructions are for Windows. Do I really need the Ubuntu PC? (probably can install it on a PC if needed really...)
5. Supposing I succeed to install the FrDesk on eMMC, on booting will it ask me what system want to boot in, or automatically will boot into android.
Sorry for being long winded, fairly new to this, have an Pi3B+ that played with so far.
Appreciate the help.
Thank you
hello then the first thing you should know is that the image eflasher ... are used to flash the micro SD card, then it's the micro sd that will write on the nanopi emmc basically a micro sd with eflasher image it's the bootable key
I always used the eflasher image for the micro SD card I never flash directly so you have to try an image type c ... or sd ...
so you first have to format the emmc card using a software like aomei or sd card formatter, then you start win32diskimager and you will write the image on the emmc and after it will be good the only one I'm not sure it's for the images first microsd ... and then you test typec ... image
cordialy and sorry for my english lol :) ;)
Appreciate. Do I need to install all Buildroot, FrDesktop, FrCore, Lubuntu? I just plan to use the FriendlyDesktop only so would Buildroot and FriendlyDesktop be enough?
Thank you. :)
no you need only friendly desktop image :)

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