Hi, if I have a monitor connected over HDMI and a second monitor connected to DP-1 (USB-C), only HDMI is recognized after boot as shown by xrandr -q.

If I unplug the USB-C and plug it in again, xrandr -q now shows the DP-1 monitor and I can enable it in the Monitor Settings GUI.

This means I can't get a display if I boot with only the USB-C DisplayPort monitor connected. Could anyone tell me if there's a config file I can edit to force it to recognize the USB-C DisplayPort monitor on boot? (Sorry if this is an obvious question, I'm new to Lunix desktops, and this seems to vary with different SBCs...)

The monitors are both Dell P2715Q 4k monitors but I'm only trying to run them at 1080p using FriendlyDesktop.

Thank you :)