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Lubuntu: Not support USB gadget function? On type-C port?

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[ 485.456546] fusb302 4-0022: CC connected in CC2 as UFP
[ 485.459223] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work] Not connected. Disabling cdn
[ 485.493592] phy phy-ff770000.syscon:usb2-phy@e450.6: charger = USB_SDP_CHARGER
[ 485.496543] rockchip-dwc3 usb@fe800000: USB peripheral connected

This is kernel log. I have set type-c port to gadget ETH function, but my host PC have not any action. I cannot
see the device in my PC device management. My pc is windows 7 64bit system.

From the rk3399's log, it switched to USB device mode.
Dear Wang Jin ,

I'm struggling with similar problems.
How did you manage to get usb0 interface ? Did you ?
I'm playing with Armbian kernel recompiling but can't get usb0 interface to appear.

Best regards,

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