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T4 Media script and review

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Hello everyone. I only want to put a link here to a review I made of the T4's media capabilities in the Armbian forums

Also, I made a media script that would configure a 32-bit Ubuntu Xenial system to take full advantages of the GPU/VPU. It was made originally for Armbian, but I tested it and also works on Friendly ELEC's Xenial image. Some of the script's features are already present in the image, but it adds some other interesting ones (like Chromium GPU acceleration, WebGL, and MPV accelerated media player).

The script can be downloaded in this link. Make sure yo do an apt update & upgrade before running it. It gives you the possibility to install X sever version 1.19, with better Vsync than 1.18, but installation seems to fail sometimes in FriendlyELEC's image. Try again, after apt update & upgrade, and it will install.
Thanks for your sharing. We’ll release Ubuntu Core -18.04 (Bionic) very soon, Maybe within this week. It would be great if you test again then.
Good news. I think it could be a plus if you enabled Chrome acceleration in the image. Also, the Qt5 player would also be an improvement over the command line script that you included in your Xenial image. And, if you could include also MPV player, that would be awesome (it has a MPP implementation that works much better than gstreamer plugin for playback).

All of those features can be installed through my script (won't work out of the box since it is for Xenial, but you can very easily port them to Bionic).
But the Ubuntu Core has no Chrome & MPV player. We'll use Qt-5.9 based on framebuffer, which has OpenGL/GPU accelerating , And gst for media player, which has VPU accelerating.

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