I'm not very skilled/experienced on Linux, as I'm mainly a Mac guy (30+ years) from some very basic Unix knowledge.

I run a nanoPi M4 (4 GB with m.2 SSD HAT) as Knowledge Base and Timetracking server on Debian Buster.

I want to beef up all of my three FM radio receivers, which suffer bad, noisy reception during rain, with Bluetooth receivers and provide them with a constant audio stream from the web. It's cheap and instant on, compared to e.g. Airplay or the out of this world priced Sonos.

I bought this long range BT 5.0 aptX transmitter USB sticks, which really works well (on a Mac). Each transmitter can serve two receivers. Audio input can either be USB audio (digital) or 3.5 mm jack (analogue)

My idea is to

attach two of the BT 5.0 sticks to the nanoPi M4
route the M4’s audio to USB (Possible? Also with two USB sticks in parallel?)
constantly stream my favorite Radio Station

My question is, whether anyone here has done this or can help me/point me at how to do this!? Oh... The M4 runs headless and in „Command Line mode“ so to say. Login via SSH, so I need to set this up to work as a shell script.

Furthermore, it would be cool if I could make the BT transmitter sticks to ignore BT play/pause commands (I intend to hook up a BT speaker, which stupidly enough, has no power off switch (it instead sends pause/play commands).