I'm a new friendlelec user,
and recently I buyed a NanoPi-M4 v2 attracted, among other things, by the NVMe hat that makes this board suitable (at least it's what I expected) to be used as a desktop replacement or as a fast server.

But after getting the board, I found that armbian which works on the first version of this board, doesn't work with the v2.

I tried the official friendlyarm distribution, the one based on bionic, but I'm not satisfied with it, as it has lots of issues, including errors during installs of other packages (from apt-get install) and crashes. Firefox and chromium do not seem to be able to play even 720p youtube content. They play sd content, but I have experienced so many crashed that I've given up. I'll wait for more stable distributions to be available for this board.

I hope that friendlyelec will contribute to the community and give enough support to let main distros to be ported to nanoPi M4 v2. In my opinion those distros should be armbian and manjaro.

Sorry for the complaint, but I think It's beautiful hardware and it would be a shame to leave it aging without using it.