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4-disk NAS with NanoPi M4V2 + SATA HAT ?

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This is what I would like to do but I dont know if this is possible.

Anyway, I want to make a 4-disk NAS and I was thinking of the NanoPi M4V2 + SATA HAT board, however, the picture included with the HAT board only shows 2x SATA data and 2x SATA power cables.

That makes me think there may be some problems with the power if I run 4x larger 4TB disks from the SATA HAT board with the NanoPi M4V2.

Does anyone know whether there are problems or restrictions to using the SATA HAT board?
What about cases for this kind of NAS?

The only cases I see are full sized NAS cases for 'proper' NAS, but if you offer a 4x SATA board, surely people are going to use it for 4x disks, so why not offer the stuff to go with it - or at least link to someone who sells this kind of thing.
It's a pity that FriendlyELEC does not offer
a ready-made case for such a solution.

I want to do that too.

I want to use FreeBSD with native ZFS support.

This would be a great home NAS solution.
Right now i'm finishing my own NanoPi NAS.
My components:
NanoPi M4v2 4GB
Full aluminium case from AliExpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000863280612.html)
Hot swap trays from Aliexpress

Some self-designed 3d printed parts
Lot of small things (connectors, wires, screws, buttons,...)

For now - it's looks like semi-passive thing. I hope, active cooling can be used only under long time heavy load.
But now, i need to solve this: viewtopic.php?t=2570#p8909

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