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Just got myNanoPi M4 V2 ,android works out of the box.
However i cannot see which offical emmc rom i will be using as i cannot download any of the google arm links as the quota has been exceeded!

Very not impressed. I have quite a few rpi boards & decided to give these guys a try.
Does anyone have links that work & arn not in chinese?
I ran into the same problem with downloads. Not that it matters... HDMI doesn't seem to work with the images i tried.
A work around to "quota exceed" google drive error, is to right click on the file and choose "create copy" (or "copy").

Then you'll be able to download.

Anyway, using google drive to distribute official linux images is really unprofessional.
Nevertheless, for what I have seen if you want to use your board as a desktop or as a client, the quality of the friendlyelec images doesn't compensate the hassle to download them

Use armbian instead.
pask876 wrote:

Use armbian instead.

Crum! My heart just hit the floor! I looked at armbian, and found Friendly's "step-by-step" which seemed more suited to my "handicap". I've invested (too embarrassing to specify) hours dl'ing & un-arcing (partially) the files before realizing how impossible the task is. Came back to ask for an easier way and found this recommendation. <sob> Back to square one!

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