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Is it just me or is the NanoPi M4's WiFi range awful?

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I finally set up my NanoPi M4, and sweet baby Jesus, the wireless range is awful.

I've got it sitting a mere 3 meters or so away from my access point. No obstructions. It's connected to the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, with -90 dBm signal level and 1/5 quality. If I try to use the 5 GHz bandwidth the NanoPi can't even detect the network.

I'm not sure what to expect given that the board has no visible antenna anywhere. It's just that this level of functionality seems to make the wireless functionality almost moot, as though it's wireless for the sake of not using wires, not wireless for practical usage at moderate range.

Can someone verify that this is approximately the kind of range I should be expecting from the NanoPi M4?

The NanoPi M4 does have 2 antenna connectors where you need to attach 2 x antennas with hirose u.fl / ipex connectors for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz WiFi and bluetooth. This is the same connector used for miniPCIe wireless card antennas. My M4 was supplied with 2x antennas, thin black objects with a wire and gold connector on the end, so maybe they were in the box with yours too?

The very small connectors are near the USB-C port on the top side of the board, at the edge. The antenna plugs can be pressed onto the connectors. Take ESD precautions, ground yourself first by touching an earthed metal object before touching the connectors.
I could say I'm an idiot, but this post is a testament to both:

a) How long it took me to actually get start trying to set my NanoPi M4 up and running. (it sat there for a year)
b) How inexperienced I am with these sorts of computers and electronics generally.

Once I hooked up the two little antennae that came with the device, my signal went from hopelessly bad to very much usable.

Eyerolls for me.

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