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NEO4 overheating!?

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Hi, i have NEO4 and it hangs....
i have official aluminium heatsink...
but i think the thing is overheating!?
don't think - just measure temperature.
Add a fan to it
Almost guaranteed overheating on the standard heatsink and no fan. I have the M4 on a large heatsink and that does not need a fan as long as it has the feet I attached to space if from the desk. Large as in 90*150*20mm. Flat on the desk, without feet, even this will overheat if the Rockchip is under stress.

I assume you have a nice large 5.1V 2.5A or similar power supply and not a USB charger? USB chargers are usually only just over 5V and will drop volts during peak current. This will cause crashes.
If your getting to 92c under normal usage that's impressive. Best thing I can offer is to add feet and raise that puppy of that flat surface. Also add a fan. Mine with a fan runs 62c max with an artificial load on it. Also replace the thermal pad with thermal paste and copper shims. Also from my experience when the CPU hits 92c it thermal throttles it hasn't hung on me. Hope this helps you out.
Anyone know of a smaller, more efficient heat sink that would work on the Neo4? The one that comes with it has a ton of mass, but not much surface area. It seems like a more traditional heat sink (with more surface area and possibly with a fan) would work at least as well and could be much lighter and smaller.

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