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NanoPC-T4 High Quality Audio

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Hello all,

I'm running Android 8. Has anyone achieved high quality audio from this board while using an eDP screen? Or perhaps someone has an idea of how I would do so? I don't think the gpio hifi boards for the pi would work here, unless someone knows otherwise. Any ideas?
Anyone? Surely people aren't actually fully satisfied with 3.5mm audio?
I am using eDP. Would it be possible to replicate the video and audio signal over hdmi, then use an audio extractor to pull audio from the hdmi stream?
Hi there, I asked a similar question and didn't get a reply - I don't think this site is used much
maybe a answer to this question you can find in wiki http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... dio_device
I appreciate the suggestion, but this doesn't offer a solution to us wanting to use the port designed into the board for video - this merely gives us a way to redirect audio coupled over the hdmi bus. I posted a question asking if anyone knew if using the eDP port would work with replicating the video signal over hdmi while using an audio extractor, or if there is a way to get higher than 3.5mm jack quality audio while using eDP.

Has anyone experimented with this?

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