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Hardware encoding h.265 Nanopi M4 HEVC

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well as i see that the Nanopi M4 supposed to have HW h.265 encoding as it have the mali-T860 which supports h.265 encoding and decoding for main profile
according to mali wiki

so i need to make sure from you guys that the Nanopi M4 realy supports hardware h.265 encoding or not ?
and does it have the drivers and stuff needed to use the HW h.265 encoding ?
for Ubuntu 18.04/Friendly desktop from 2018.12.18 image:
- under GStreamer it's only mpph264enc in rockchip section
- ffmpeg section even worst - only x264 decoder(no h/w encoder)

based on this - http://rockchip.wikidot.com/rk3399 - it's only 265 decoder and no 265 encoder at all in Rk3399 chip.
PS: ARM Mali - it's a GPU and not related to video Encoder/Decoder

upd: I just check kernel sources - it's only vp8 and h264 encoders for RockChip VPU with maximum resolution 1920x1088
upd2: kernel/drivers/video/rockchip/vpu/ include something with mpp_dev_x265e in name
thanks for your reply man im really sad that it doesnt have h.265 encoder
do you know any other Affordable alternatives
zultan wrote:
do you know any other Affordable alternatives

yesterday was announced Nvidia Jetson nano - it's simplified version of older TX1 in smaller small factor and 99$ price - support encoding h265/265 4k@30fps or multiply 1080p@60/30fps - more detailed [code=https://devblogs.nvidia.com/jetson-nano-ai-computing/]info[/code] - and everything working out-of-the box, since Linux4tegra provided by NVidia itself. (it may use specific API for decoding\encoding multiply streams - plz, check this in details)

PS: I din't manage to build Rk kernel with h265 encoder :(
thank you so mush for your reply
i hope you make the kernel so ppl can take the benefits of the nanopi hardware
and is there a cheaper solution than the jetson nano that have hardware h.265 encoding ?
zultan wrote:
and is there a cheaper solution than the jetson nano that have hardware h.265 encoding ?

it's hard to say - some of 96 boards, like Qualcomm 845/820 and Huawei Kirin 960\970 and Helio X20 have h265 encoder, but I am not sure about driver support (it's a big chance, that this is no drivers for Linux and can be some issues with android). Price of this boards also starts from 199$ and up to 500$ :(

Sooner or later it will be a Raspberry Pi Next with VideoCore V, which support 2x1080p60 or 1x2180p60 for both decoding and encoding, but it's no official information - only rumors ;)

All Allwinner SoC support h265 decoding only.

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