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Bad camera cable connectivity on NanoPi M4 CSI

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Dear FriendlyARM,

Unfortunately, bad hardware experience with my new NanoPi M4 board.

I'm using the NanoPi together with RaspPi camera modules - OV5647 and IMX213. Surprisingly, their standard 15pin cables do not even fit into MIPI-CSI ports of the board. I have to cut 0.5mm off the side to get the cables into the ports. Next, even once I've managed to connect the cable, the connectivity is unstable. Red power LED on the camera tends to flush on movement. If I try to push down the plastic headlock of the port, then the connectivity is lost completely.

So guys! First of all, please give a punch to an asshole who sold you counter freight low-quality MIPI-CSI connectors. Secondly, please give a punch to a lazy asshole, who did not test standard RaspPi camera modules with FriendlyARM boards beforehand.

I have ordered more 15pin cables from other shops to check if they could possibly fit better. Any other ideas are very welcome!

PS: Sorry about the wording, but this silly problem really makes me upset.

Kind regards,
- Dmitry.
please note, that NanoPi M4 use 30x0.5mm cable, while Rasbperry Pi cameras use 15x1mm(standard rpi) or 22x0.5mm(rpi nano).
also, it's no 3V power on NanoPi M4, which required by PRI cam (only 2.8, so it's looks like impossible to implement simple cable caonnection)
you can find more datails at http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... _M4#Layout > MIPI-CSI Interface Pin Spec.

looks like only 13.2MP camera from friendly elec is working with NanoPi M4.
it's a 30x0.5mm cable
Maybe use the right cable/camera and hit the idiot who didn`t read the wiki.

A short glimps shows the rpi has a 15-pin csi-2, check wiki NanoPi M4...
Thanks. So my mistake was to try getting 15-pin cable into 30-pin port of completely different spec. Makes no sense indeed.

@ayaromenok, is it really only one camera module available for M4??
30-pin CAM1320 has a "cell-phone" pluggable camera port onboard. Does it mean that in theory we can replace the OV13850 sensor with e.g. IMX219 sensor, also with a "cell-phone" plug?
marcusmae wrote:
30-pin CAM1320 has a "cell-phone" pluggable camera port onboard. Does it mean that in theory we can replace the OV13850 sensor with e.g. IMX219 sensor, also with a "cell-phone" plug?

I take a brief look on schematic of both cam1320 and raspberry pi cam v2.1(which is IMX219) - they have different layouts - while cam1320 is 4 line CSI(on pins 16-29), rpicam21 is 2 line CSI(on pins 4-11).
maybe some other sensors with this "cell-phone" plug have similar layout.

I was thinking about usage of rpi>rpi_nano camera cable (which is 15x1mm to 22x0.5mm) + getting 3V from GPIO, but looks like in 18-19 not connected by the same way.

probably, some primitive adapter, like used for RPI Compute module Io board to standard RPI display ( https://i.imgur.com/s68HYss.jpg), but from 30x0.5 to standard RPI 15x1 can be implemented. (I don't have enough 0.5mm cables to try right now, probably only after a NY I will buy some to make such experiment - I have wide (140 deg) RPI-compatible cameras with Micron OV sensor, which I would like to use with nano pi m4)
Thanks for the info! OK, alas not so simple.

I'm interested particularly in OV5647 and IMX219, because their drivers are well-studied by community (e.g. 6to9 on github). I'd love to provide funding/equipment to support the discussed RPI "adapter" research work, if you are willing to do it.

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