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Which pin(s) are used for PWM?

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Which pin(s) are used for PWM?

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Number#    Name             Number#    Name
1    SYS_3.3V            2    VDD_5V
3    I2C0_SDA / GPIOA12      4    VDD_5V
5    I2C0_SCL / GPIOA11      6    GND
7    GPIOG11               8    UART1_TX / GPIOG6
9    GND                  10    UART1_RX / GPIOG7
11    SPI1_MOSI/GPIOA15      12    GPIOL11
13    SPI1_MISO/GPIOA16      14    GND
15    SPI1_CLK/GPIOA14      16    SPI1_CS/GPIOA13
17    SYS_3.3V            18    NC
search on the page
for PWM and you will find the following:

Pin silk screen Name Linux gpio
I'm using the mini shield. Is it accessible via the 2 x 9 header?

Does that means it's accessible as DEBUG_RX on the Debug UART port?
If I take a look at the picture
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... i_Duo3.jpg
I personally would think so....but I didnt really know it :(

In the schematic at
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/images ... 0_1706.pdf
there are only 2 Pins for PWM:

PS: the Schematic is text-searchable with Ctrl-F :)
By this image:

http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/images ... uo_PCB.png

I would guess it's the RX pin, but I just don't know, either.

I hope we get an answer. :-)
I confirmed, today, the RX pin on the debug UART is used for PWM by connecting up a servo and using the gpio utility installed on the NanoPi's OS.

I used this tutorial for the Raspberry Pi - figuring that WiringNP on the NanoPi was a variation of WiringPi on the Raspberry Pi. The only variation I think would be that the NanoPi's PWM runs at 24MHz,


gpio -g mode 5 pwm
gpio pwm-ms
gpio pwmc 240
gpio pwmr 2000
gpio -g pwm 5 100
gpio -g pwm 5 150
gpio -g pwm 5 200

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