I have just received my NanoPi Duo boards and have an issue. I assumed it would be very similar to the Nano Pi Neo Air.
Im having a problem getting the SPI port to work "properly"
The following code
https://github.com/leonyuhanov/SK6812vi ... A%20SPIDEV
Works perfectly on the Neo Air, its been modified as so:
https://github.com/leonyuhanov/SK6812vi ... A%20SPIDEV
For the DUO with the only change beeing the name of the SPI device from SPIDEV0.0 to SPIDEV1.0

The code compiles and runs, and i can see data moving on the SPI port, but it seems that the speed settings are incorrect...
Both boards have the same processor....what could be the problem?
I am using the NATIVE SPI driver.