I am looking at this product because I am working on a project.
I have a second screen that I want to use to display content automatically,
but I don't want it connected to my desktop GPU (in which case I would have 2 screens active).

My goal is to have the secondary screen be stand-alone if you will.

Now, I searched around a little and found that I need a control board probably (model: MT6820 GOLD-A7)
Which allows me to draw power from my motherboard using molex (5v).

Next step would be to display something on my screen. I'm thinking I will be able to just connect the video cable to the NanoPi directly, bypassing the cheapo control board, but I don't know if that is even possible.
It might need to do something with the signal first? <-- my Question.

Can I use (any version of) the NanoPi for my project?
if so, which version do you recommend?

Thank you