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Official, supported, fully featured OS - where is?

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I'm new user of NanoPi Neo. I use RPi in embedded solutions for several year and now I try to use nanopi.

With RPi I use raspbian and from my point of view everything just works and I can everything just install using apt-get. Of course, I can change my habitats, but I need some support to start.

I tried to install three OS. Armbian_5.20_Nanopineo_Ubuntu_xenial_3.4.112.7z and Armbian_5.20_Nanopineo_Debian_jessie_3.4.112.7z don't work - no boot (blue led blinking and next both leds turn off, and again - maybe to week power source?) but Ubuntu Core works ok - no problem with boot, ssh works ok.

The main problem with Ubuntu is empty repository, for example lack of mc (Midnight Commander - I've compiled it - ok...). But, in fact, I'm not going to compile everything I need to use... I know that pure, minimal OS is very nice, but I expect that I can install everything from repository. I do something wrong or Ubuntu Core repository is really so limited?
It may be because /etc/apt/sources.list above the server in your area can not visit, you can change the apt server to solve the problem.
Hi, Kamis

Why not try the official Ubuntu Core provided by us. We are not responsible for Armbian since we don't use it and not the developing member of it.

Our ubuntu core with QtE is very small and easy to use, enjoy your NEO board.


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