I have a real problem with my NanoPI Duo2 board and CAM500B Camera with OV5640 Chip.
i instal duetpi OS on board and i made a script when i prea a button camera tacke a photo and upload to drop box.
But all image is not cleare.....need keep camera wichout any small movement when tacke picture, if not image is not cleare.

i use this line:

base_vidfile = "fswebcam -S 6 -s brightness=60% -s Contrast=15% -s Gamma=50% -p YUYV -r 2592x1944 -F 1 --jpeg 95 -s Sharpness=40% -s Saturation=15% --no-banner /uploads/photo"

i try use delay -S 6 or -S 15...20 and i see a small diference but not notable.

i try use and -F 1 noumber frame what tacke, in my opinion camera keep turn on to much (expouse time) when tacke picture and maybe from this reazon image is not cleare... I try put -F 0.1 expouse time but i tinck this i can use only 1, this is not expouse time, is frame tacke so can not be small theat 1.

in my phone for example when i pres button to tacke a picture first phone focalize lens and after send comand to tacke a picture but here i tinck Duo2 board not know when camera is focalized and image is cleare.

So any solution for can solve this problem?

i tyerd to try...and i m very sad because picture is not cleare :(