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Update to 4.14.14
How write (burn) Armbian to eMMC ?
(NanoPi K1 Plus)
viy wrote:
How write (burn) Armbian to eMMC ?
(NanoPi K1 Plus)

Usually with nand-sata-install ... but since we haven't added this board to the officially supported list, can't tell for sure. It's not tested.
Another update.
v5.90 / 7.7.2019

added Armbian Buster images for all boards
added Macchiatobin Doubleshot CSS target and images
added images with test kernel v5.1.y for: Orangepi3, Lite2, One+, PineH64, Odroid C1, Teres, Pinebook
added wireless drivers for 88x2bu
added eMMC support for Nanopi K2 (booting from doesn’t work yet)
added dual w1 overlay for meson64 family
updated wireless drivers for Realtek 8811, 8812, 8814 and 8821
updated wireless drivers for rtl8188eus & rtl8188eu & rtl8188etv
added latest Wireguard driver
enable eMMC on Orangepi Win Plus
enable Bluetooth on Tinkerboard, Nanopi4, Rockpi 4 CLI images
improved ALSA config on Tinkerboard
fixed Bluetooth on Nanopi M4/Neo4/T4 and Rockpi4
fixed wireless drivers on OPi3 & Lite2
fixed temperature readout on Allwinner H5 boards
fixed SPI related bug on Allwinner 5.1.y kernel
fixed HDMI output and bump kernel to 5.1.y on imx6 boards
fixed eMMC install, add rootdev= to armbianEnv if missing
fixed A10/A20 SATA write speed
set default build target from Debian Stretch to Buster for all boards
changed CPU clock back to 1.5/1.8Ghz defaults on boards with RK3399 to minimise thermal throttling
changed motd console welcome text to: “Welcome to Debian Stretch with Armbian Linux 5.1.6-sunxi”
changed display manager to lightdm by default and remove nodm completely
changed u-boot for A64 to upstream sources
changed RK3399 to U-boot 2019.04
added URL to the build script and commit hash to /etc/armbian-release file
added synaptic package manager and on-board keyboard to the desktop base
added “logout” to the panel/menu
added normal users to additional groups: disk tty users games
updated all kernels with upstream
updated ATF and bootloader on Espressobin, supporting all versions

Build script:

added mirrors for speed-up building in China mainland
added support for download compilers and rootfs cache via torrent network
added new output image compression option (xz)
enabled Debian Buster and Ubuntu Disco (unsupported) targets
few Docker building improvements, caching image
replace curl with aria2
Linaro compilers update to 2019.02


added Gimp installation
added enable/disable Avahi
updated OMV installer, OMV5 preparations
enable screen resolution changer for Odroid N2
enable CPU speed and governor adjustment
All images updated to 5.4.y , update will follow later.

- kernel 5.7.y
- improved 1st login with location based semi automated language / locales detection
- Ubuntu Bionic/Focal or Debian Buster/Bullseye
- compiled with GCC 9.2
- updated wireless drivers
- upgraded download infrastructure (still a bit in works)


How to build from sources?

Code: Select all

git clone https://github.com/armbian/build
cd build

Enjoy today's #armbian bugfix and features update! https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/

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