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Clone ROM to SD

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Hi!, is there any way to clone a rom image (im currently using the eflasher_3.4.39_20170819) with all the installed programs to then put it on an SD and copy it to another nanopi?
I am also using the same image, and searching for the same solution. Have you tried booting NanoPi in device mode, and cloning partition to USB stick, or memory card using OTG port?

I have found this video. I haven't tried this yet, but have hope with it.
If you have an NFS share available, something like this might work:
1) Boot from SD card
2) mount NFS share
3) dd if=<eMMC> of=<file_on_nfs>

Or if your SD card has enough free space, you can dd the image to the SD card (and no NFS would be needed).

@ thomaspfeiffer
Thanks for suggestion to use SD card. Today I tried this out, and it worked very well.

I used 16GB SD card with latest image. Used gparted live cd to manage free space to create partition of 7.9GB. As nanoPi have memory block of 7.3 GB (eMMC), and SD card was left with less space. As per the video link, I easily managed to clone emmc block to SD card's new partition block. And also clone this SD card's partition to another fresh nanopi. Done!!!

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