Hi Nanopi support,

I boaught a Nanopi-neo and I tested below 2 images but they don't work.

1. nanopi-neo_ubuntu-core-xenial_3.4.39_20170908.img
2. nanopi-neo_ubuntu-core-xenial_4.11.2_20170908.img

I attached log file for the evidence..
as you see the log, something is wrong on mmc.

I tested with 3 burning tools below when I buning the image into sdcard
1. win32diskmanager
2. Ubuntu disk image writer
3. dd command

and also, I used 3 kinds of sdcard below
1. Samsung
2. Trensend
3. Sandisk

so, I think it is not a toolset(buner) or SD-Card problem.. but.
it is problem of nanopi board or img file..

Please see my log file and let me know what is wrong on my side

Best regards,