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NanoPi M1Plus Integrated Microphone how to configure

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:43 pm
by CarloC
this is my alsa mixer

Card: sndhdmi F1: Help │
│ Chip: F2: System information │
│ View: F3: Playback F4:[Capture] F5: All F6: Select sound card │
│ Item: Esc: Exit │
│ │
│ │
│ │
│ This sound device does not have any capture controls. │

with the command: sox -t alsa default test.wav ; the system takes a record but it records only silent.
how can I use the integrate hardware microphone? I am running the Debian image, there is a GUI application, for voice recording, that can I install and use? I state that I need the audio output is functioning on HDMI
sorry for my English

Re: NanoPi M1Plus Integrated Microphone how to configure

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:28 am
by jjm
Debian system's default audio output is the 3.5mm audio jack. You can turn on the HDMI audio by editing the /etc/asound.conf file:

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 1
device 0

ctl.!default {
type hw
card 1

card 0 points to the 3.5mm audio jack and card 1 points to the HDMI audio. You need to save your changes and reboot your system to make your changes take effect.

thank you!