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SPDIF audio output on NEO

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i am just doing my first steps with the nanoPi NEO using the Ubuntu Core Image.
I want to use the nanoPi as network streaming client (audio only). So far everything is working fine with the analog Line Out. But i would prefere audio output via SPDIF.
Ubuntu only sees the analog output (default) and the HDMI (n/c on NEO) but there is no SPDIF device.
Does anyone found a way to get it running? Or isnt it possible with the old 3.x Kernel?

Don't know if you found a solution and if my suggestion can help now. But I'm currently running successfully the NanoPI NEO with DietPI OS and connected it to my DAC in USB. All works very well.
Il would suggest you to find an additional USB card (with an Amanero Chip or XMOS for example) having a SPDIF output.
Some exist and at different level of price depending on the USB chip it use. The last XMOS wu208 is pretty high in price while the XMOS U8 is far more affordable.

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