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using NanoPi Neo Air. Ubuntu Core. Trying to use CAM500B using /dev/video0. Connects, but data format is unclear. Can you provide info on what driver provides, and how to configure it?

thank you,

Hi, I'm also interested on this.

I know the wiki shows a way to create a video stream and get results from a server, but I just want to take a picture at a given time and send it through the network.

Do you know if "nanocams" app work with this board (nanopi-air) ?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Nanocams don't work as I think is only intended for samsung CPU boards.

However, I was able to capture images with ffmpeg (no libraries needed) as well as fswebcam (needs libgd and libpng you'll have to compile and install before).
Yes, I also found that ffmpeg worked for capturing images. Unfortunately, I need to access the camera in real time from c++ using opencv. So I need to know exactly what format the device driver is delivering. I have spent hours experimenting with opencv convertTo() and cvtColor() with no luck.

Device driver engineer - a little help please?
Hi, all

On the CAM500B pcb, please confirm that R6 is not soldered, and R5 is a 0ohm resister.
Hi yonganch,

Yes, my cam500B pcb has R6 soldered with a 0ohm resistor in R5.


You should check fswebcam source code:

https://github.com/fsphil/fswebcam/blob ... src_v4l1.c

There are some debug logs you can use to get the camera format.
I did resolve my problem. It is not with the camera - but with opencv. I completely reinstalled all X, gtk, and opencv 3.1.0 components, and the problem is fixed.


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