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Nano PI R1 RTC clock battery drain

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We use Nano PI R1. We have problem with RTC battery drain.
We use conventional CR2032 battery.
The current drain is 200 mikro Amper when the device is off and not connected to power source, which is much more
than expected to keep Real Time Clock working.
What's more, the device is very sensitive to battery voltage. Once it is below 3.00 V the current time in RTC is lost.
This is a problem since typical voltage for this battery is 2.9V, after some discharge.
The CR2032 battery is not rechargeable, and we afraid that after some short power outage ( several minutes ?) it will stop working forever.

Friends ! Do you have any experiences ? Maybe use rechargeable battery LR2032 ?. Maybe any configuration settings to change current drain ? Maybe any configurational changes ?

Jacek from Poland
FriendlyArm please give some attention to this, it is a project error. I am using this on my project and i need RTC. I have 40 nanopi r1 installed on clients with the same problem.
On wiki the recommended battery is CR2032, i can put other battery, but the problem will not be solved, because the current drain is to high. Is there any hack to do? Or it will not be solved?
JonatasP wrote:
Or it will not be solved?

It will not be solved - its a chip design ( Allwinner) problem.
http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/f ... d&tid=1090

I have the same issue with the internal RTC and since this is a design issue and will not be solved the question is - Is there a way to install external RTC like DS3231 or Matrix?

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