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USBx2 can just plug it in?

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I see Nano-Pi-NEO has 2 other USB ports the side one like real port.

2 USB-DP1 USB1 DP Signal
3 USB-DM1 USB1 DM Signal
4 USB-DP2 USB2 DP Signal
5 USB-DM2 USB2 DM Signal

If I hook them up to 2 USB plugs with the +5 and GRN will it work?

Or do I need some diodes on it or something?

-Raymond Day
Just took a chance and hope I would not mess up my NanoPi NEO.

Used jumper wires and plug them in and got it the 1st time.

Put a small SD card on the USB and it started to flash it's little LED so I was sure it worked.

Did a Fdisk -l before and after and it sees it.

Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type
/dev/sdb1 * 63 7744511 7744449 3.7G c W95 FAT32 (LBA)

Used a small SD card because I did not know if it would mess it up or not.

Pin 1 is near the SD card that plug in on the board. So it's 5 volts and at the other end is the ground. Right next to the 5 volts I plug in the D+ and next to that the D- because it says "USB-DP1" and "USB-DM1" that I guess "P" is Plus and "M" is Minus.

Here is a photo I got of it.


Wow nice can just plug it right in. It has one more USB can use too.

-Raymond Day
Got the heat sink about a week ago and installed it and the screws that come with it can't use on the case! So I had to find my own and they are hard to find. They just fit in the holes like have to screw them in to it. To long too so I cut the rest off. I have to file them down yet.

This is how it looks now.

NanoPiNEOallSetUp.jpg (149.68 KiB) Viewed 1760 times

It's working good. I copied years of my WordPress on it with video and photos too and it brings them up fast.

Impress with this little box.

Be nice if they added a 2GB RAM one.

-Raymond Day

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