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Cannot get stereo sound on NanoPi NEO2 v1.1 line-out pins

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I have NanoPi NEO2 v1.1 LTS.

I have attached 3.5 headphone jack to LR and LL pins as in diagram http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... out-02.jpg

But when I play back audio through speaker-test and aplay, it always comes out mono.

Speaker test:

Code: Select all

speaker-test -Dsysdefault:Codec -c 2 -t wav
speaker-test 1.1.0

Playback device is sysdefault:Codec
Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 2 channels

Front Right / Front Left
and they both sound in both ears simultaneously.

I tested for short circuit by attaching another player right in parallel to my wires - the sound is stereo from the player, so there is no short circuit. Also, if I run the same test on a USB sound adapter, it works correctly and plays in stereo.

System image is FriendlyElec Ubuntu core 16.04 LTS 4.14.52 for NanoHat OLED. OLED works fine.

Is it a driver problem? I will try armbian soon, but still I wanted to check if everything is OK with the device.
I just tried the same speaker test on a NanoPi Duo with its Mini shield and connected headphones to 3.5 jack.

The same result - no stereo sound even on the official 3.5 minijack.

Am I missing something? Or has FriendlyElec missed the fact that their boards do not have stereo sound?

Or is everyone using USB soundcard (which seems redundant considering the in-built audio) or fancy I2S addons?
I ended up with Armbian - its drivers result in stereo sound.
This worked on the Neo Core:

amixer sset 'Line Out Source' Stereo Stereo

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