Dear colleagues!
I would like to run a project with a bunch of linux boards which can be connected to the simple displays. (In ready casing and cheap).

I'd like to use display like this one

[url] a2g0s.9042311.0.0.366833edyaa86f&aff_platform = AAF&CPT = 1528348687239&aff_trace_key = e4fc4b8e1a624052ba5b93eac03716c5-1528348687239-01705-VnYZvQVf&TERMINAL_ID = 6f98e3562e4f453c8baccee27367e3ab&DP = 43b77dae0a3ae29c39e51463c1ea5190&AF = 139947&CV = 47843&AFREF = = pr3&aff_platform = aaf&cpt = 1528365410096&sk = VnYZvQVf&aff_trace_key = 84a6e5076bfc45e6a7fe76045d06fbb0-1528365410096-08679-VnYZvQVf&terminal_id = 6f98e3562e4f453c8baccee27367e3ab[/url]

It works fine with raspberry Pi3 via HDMI.
But refuse to work with Orange Pc Plus board. As I can understand Raspberry unlike Orange Pi can do video scaling inside.

So I started to look for alternative. I am looking for a linux boards with eMMC memory and compatibility with these displays.

What do u think , NanoPi M1 Plus can be compatible with this display?