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NEO Plus2 - Address MAC

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How is the MAC address assigned for eth, wlan et BT?
Is this a material address?
If no, is it possible that several Neo Plus2 get the same address? (for 3 interfaces)

I need unique id for my application and I thought to use the address mac, but if several Neo get the same address it will not be appropriate. Before i used a beaglebone black, it has unique serial number stored in EEPROM. The Neo Plus2 don't have this ?


Macchanger will let you set the MAC address. If you give two devices the same MAC address:

Basically what theoretically should happen is that each one of the two devices with the same MAC will receive some of the frames destined to any of them. Which will be a complete mess. The situation can be much more complicated if one of the devices is the router so this will interfere with almost all the traffic between the router and the devices connected to the same LAN with the device with duplicate MAC. So unless the device with the duplicate MAC stops sending frames on the network, the internet connection will be down to all the devices in this network. - Ramez Dous
Thanks for your reply. But it's not the problem, i just want know if the Mac address is a random assignment or is a material address ? I think it's a random assignment because it's not the same address from the eflasher and eMMC image. And the first blocks of mac address is not assigned to a company...


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