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Can we use single switch to boot/shutdown NanoPi NEO Air?

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I know how to shutdown NanoPi neo air using switch via gpio. After shutdown it does not stop power from power supply. The green LED remains ON constantly and GPIO pin 2 or 4 gives output of 5V. Also 3.3V is available on GPIO. Now I want to boot pi again. To boot it back I have to reconnect supply to microUSB as per testing. But I want to boot it without reconnecting power supply using a switch. So, as final result only one switch should be able to shutdown, and boot it back. I did not get any help regarding this yet on web.

Any kind of help or suggestions would be appreciated.
ATXRaspi or Powerboost 1000C might suit you. They hook onto a couple of GPIOs on the motherboard. They were built for the Raspberry, but they should work on Nano.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use a pair of GPIOs when the whole connector is occupied by a touchscreen...

Ah. Ribbon cable and jumpers

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