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CPU temperature

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Tip to find the CPU temperature in Celsius degrees:

# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

My hardware is 77 C°. I'll need a heat sink!

Best Regards,
excellent!! ;)
Same here...
received my nano Pi neo today... after booting the OS the temp is at 69°C
When updating or installing packages it reached nearly 80°C... so i immediately ordered https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01DLQ ... UTF8&psc=1 those

hope it then will be a normal temp by around 50°C

Br Max
Just for your info, i am on your side with needed additional Heatsink but just for a better feel...

H3 is specified to 125 Degrees maximum!!!! thats nearly the double of 69...
and i read somewhere (i think cnx) that prime or something doesn't get it higher than 100 Degrees there...

H3 will downclock if it gets too hot... this is the inbuilt safety thing... so get a heatsink but no headackes... ;)

btw. in my case there was running an QTdemo default on the image... which is not needed/useless at all... (no display ;) )
just getting the soc temp higher... (this should be fixed by FA urgently...)

If your NanoPI NEO Crashes... this may be related that you are using a long an thin microusb cable for power...
if thats the case use +5 GND for power on the Debugport and use fat powercables like AWG20 or AWG22...
i had some crashes, and using this solved any issues... no issues for 2 days now,... intensive usage...

In this post we listed our existing Nano boards and their applicable heat sinks
> H3 is specified to 125 Degrees maximum
That is good to know, I have seen 82°C often, but never >90°C.

I did order one heatsink for Nanopi Neo and will do comparison with/without heatsink with my two Neos.

"cpu_freq" command gives you the temperature per core:
$ cpu_freq
CPU0 online=1 temp=48 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU1 online=1 temp=48 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU2 online=1 temp=48 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU3 online=1 temp=48 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
DDR governor=userspace cur_freq=432000 max=432000 min=408000
$ yes > /dev/null
$ cpu_freq
CPU0 online=1 temp=54 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU1 online=1 temp=54 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU2 online=1 temp=54 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
CPU3 online=1 temp=53 governor=interactive cur_freq=480000
DDR governor=userspace cur_freq=432000 max=432000 min=408000
$ (yes&yes&yes&yes&)>/dev/null
$ cpu_freq
CPU0 online=1 temp=81 governor=interactive cur_freq=816000
CPU1 online=1 temp=81 governor=interactive cur_freq=816000
CPU2 online=1 temp=80 governor=interactive cur_freq=816000
CPU3 online=1 temp=80 governor=interactive cur_freq=816000
DDR governor=userspace cur_freq=432000 max=432000 min=408000


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