Hi all, I recently purchased NanoPi NEO Air V1.1 with the Bakebit starter, and I am really struggling to get started with it, so was hoping someone here could offer me some advice.

I've managed to flash the board with nanopi-neo-air_eflasher_4.14.0_20180124.img via serial, choosing the friendly distribution during install. Once complete I got it all connected up to the wifi, connected via SSH, and made sure everything is up to date with apt-get. Great no problems so far.

Next I downloaded the latest WiringNP from github https://github.com/friendlyarm/WiringNP, installed as per instructions. Running gpio readall gives me the expected port layout. Then I downloaded the bakebit repo https://github.com/friendlyarm/BakeBit, ran the installation script it includes, and everything looks ok.

Now I connect the NanoHat Hub, the little green onboard LED lights up, so presumably all good. This is when the problems start as none of the included python scripts run, I just end up with IOError or Error messages. The most basic led_blink script expects the provided BakeBit-Green LED to be connected to D3 of the NanoHat, but it refuses to work. The same seems to occur with the rest of the examples too.

I also attempted just wiring the components directly to the main board, attempting to bypass the hub altogether, but that was equally fruitless.

I also wondered if updating the firmware of the NanoHat hub would help, but I followed the instructions http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/BakeBit_-_NanoHat_Hub#Update_NanoHat_Hub.27s_Firmware but end up with avrdude reporting " AVR device not responding".

I suspect I'm just doing something wrong, but am not sure what to try next? Any advice would be appreciated!