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NanoPi Neo Core & Core2 released on the Webpage

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....but no News-entry in the Forum :(

Some descriptions are not-so-right....

Neo Core2 says the MiniShield would fit in a RPi3 Case....but the Audio-Port and the USB-Port are on a other place....
Neo Core2 text show also 512MB - but the featute-icons show only 1GB Ram.
Neo Core2 Feature-Icons show Octa-Core for the H5 - but H5 is only Quadcore :)

Pins for the Neo Core2 has only option for non-soldered - but the *Pins Text looks like there maybe a soldered option.
Also for the 1GB Ram (isnt selected at start - since there is no other option at this time - it should be selected).

I would like to see the "pins soldered" option to not ruin the board and not getting a message from the support "you did a bad soldering".

I like the Idea of the Base-mini shield and compatibility for the "normal" Neo(2) Hats :)
Also fine is now a full-size M2 against the half-size of the NanoPi Duo. :D
I would add that the stated operating temperature range is -40 to +85ºC, which is impossible because RTL8211E range is 0 to 70ºC. The DRAM seems to support industrial temperature range (most likely requiring proper timing settings), and the eMMC is -25 to 85ºC.

Any clarifications?
I do NOT want to use the addon shield as I would like to put the board inside a project but where are the pins for the video connections? I see audio, USB and LAN (great) but video? I'm sure they are there but I'm not great with electronics.....

[edit. given up... a 6 week wait for a reply indicates to me there's more life to be found in The Walking Dead than this forum]

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