I am new to working with device trees and quite frankly find them to be confounding :x

I have a simple application running on a Nanopi-Neo-Core and need to get both edges of a zero crossing detector to generate an interrupt for message synchronization.
I am looking to use PA7 as the interrupt pin.
I have the UIO functionality built into the kernel and verified its presence :D

Having spent the last 2 days trying to figure out the DT syntax is driving me crazy :?
All examples I can find on the web still give me syntax errors.

What I have is:

user_io {
compatible = "zcint,generic-uio,uio_pdrv";
status = "okay";
interrupt-parent = <&pio>;
interrupts = <0 7 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_BOTH>;

This has been added to sun8i-h3-nanopi-neo-core.dtsi.

It appears that the label 'user_io' is the cause of the syntax error but I cannot find any information on what it should be.

Any help in understanding what I am doing incorrectly would be very much appreciated.