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Hi, Do you provide the CAD versions of the schematics and board layout files in OrCAD or Cadence Allegro or Altium, etc. so that the design could be embedded into a larger board at the PCB level. I see a .pdf version of the schematics so I thought maybe you would offer CAD versions as well.
Although FriendlyArm indicate open source, the only real open part is the schematics and software. To my knowledge, they have never released any PCB design files. You will basically have to create this yourself with your own PCB design suite from the schematics they provide. A daunting task. The reason why I just use their boards plugged into a daughter board as the cost to make small runs of a full fine-pitch BGA board makes it uneconomical.

If you can create your own board from the schematic and layout the PCB with the proper length matching etc, at least you would have a design that should work out of the box if no errors on input and PCB layout crept into the design.
Rebuilding a PCB using nanopi T2


I am asking if I can build my own custom PCB with some adds/deletes in the ICs used in T2. I know that the software is already open source (linux, android, u-boot, ...), but I would like to use some ICs from your board like "Samsung Quad Core Cortex-A9 S5P4418 SoC" from my PCB.

The question is, many drivers from your code are binary (closed source), can I use them in my custom built PCB to use the same ICs in your board T2 ? Or do I need further permissions?

Please let me know. Thank you

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