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Android image s5p6818-android-sd4g-20170307.img not boot

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We have a bootloops with the Android image 20170307 on the Nanopi M3..

We try several SDCards of 16Go class 10, flash with etcher on Mac, we try to power up the board with a 2A adapter and with the PC and everytime we are stuck juste after the Android message "Android is starting... Starting app.".

Then just after that, the board reboot from herself...
Again, we see the friendlyarm logo, no bootanimation only a black screen, the "android optimize app", "android starting..." and finally reboot again and again.

Sometimes after the "android starting..." message, the blue led stop blinking and the screen stay black and we can do nothing.

Is someone have the same troubles or can help us please ?

Thank you !

Example of the logcat just before the reboot :

Code: Select all

I/DeviceStorageMonitorService(  412): No boot image on disk due to lack of space. Sending notification
I/SystemServer(  412): Location Manager
I/SystemServer(  412): Country Detector
I/SystemServer(  412): Search Service
I/SystemServer(  412): DropBox Service
I/SystemServer(  412): Wallpaper Service
W/WallpaperManagerService(  412): no current wallpaper -- first boot?
I/SystemServer(  412): Audio Service
W/TelecomManager(  412): Telecom Service not found.
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.DockObserver
W/DockObserver(  412): This kernel does not have dock station support
I/SystemServer(  412): Wired Accessory Manager
W/WiredAccessoryManager(  412): This kernel does not have usb audio support
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.usb.UsbService$Lifecycle
I/SystemServer(  412): Serial Service
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.twilight.TwilightService
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.UiModeManagerService
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.job.JobSchedulerService
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.backup.BackupManagerService$Lifecycle
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.appwidget.AppWidgetService
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.voiceinteraction.VoiceInteractionManagerService
W/SoundTriggerHelper(  412): listModules status=0, # of modules=0
I/SystemServer(  412): DiskStats Service
I/SystemServer(  412): SamplingProfiler Service
I/SystemServer(  412): NetworkTimeUpdateService
I/SystemServer(  412): CommonTimeManagementService
I/SystemServer(  412): CertBlacklister
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.dreams.DreamManagerService
I/SystemServer(  412): Assets Atlas Service
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Computing best atlas configuration...
I/SystemServiceManager(  412): Starting com.android.server.print.PrintManagerService
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #1
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #2
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #3
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #4
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #5
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #6
D/AssetAtlas(  412): Running Atlas Worker #7
1.Check the power supply m3, the power to more than 5v2a.
2.m3 in the running process need to receive heat sink.
3.You can try to change sd card.

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