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How do I add custom u-boot to SD for flashing the T3 Plus

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I have a custom LCD running on a T3 Plus with a Newhaven IPS 1024x600 LCD and I have managed to make changes to the u-boot and uImage so that the LCD is supported. Everything works fine on the development board.

Now I want to deploy the image to other boards. The uImage is easy enough as I can build this as part of the Android OS image but I can't figure out how to add u-boot.bin to the SD card image such that it loads and correctly shows the installation to EMC on the LCD. For now I have had to use an existing HD702 to burn the image to EMC and then swap out the LCD. I'd prefer to keep this as part of the system and do the upgrade with the IPS LCD.

Any clues on how to put u-boot on the SD card so that it loads and sets the correct display settings? I also need this u-boot to be loaded to the EMC at the same time.
OK. Some investigation.

I've found that the SD card contains a file called bootloader which on the FA website states that this is u-boot and comparing sizes, this would be the case. I copied my modified u-boot to the SD card and renamed is bootloader. I also copied the uImage to the SD and replaced the one that was on the SD card. The LCD still doesn't get initialised properly. The same u-boot fused to the eMMC via fastboot and an updated uImage work so I know the 2 files are working.

Just need to figure out how to get this to work from the SD card.

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