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Can't transfer u-boot to device

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I get the following error when I try to use fastboot to transfer a new u-boot file that is 462K in size.

FAIL image too large for partition

Has anyone been able to flash a new u-boot to the device?

This it the output from fastboot flash bootloader u-boot.bin

Code: Select all


Fastboot Partitions:
 mmc.0: 2ndboot, img : 0x200, 0x7a00
 mmc.0: bootloader, img : 0x8000, 0x70000
 mmc.0: boot, fs : 0x100000, 0x4000000
 mmc.0: system, fs : 0x4100000, 0x2f200000
 mmc.0: cache, fs : 0x33300000, 0x1ac00000
 mmc.0: misc, fs : 0x4e000000, 0x800000
 mmc.0: recovery, fs : 0x4e900000, 0x1600000
 mmc.0: userdata, fs : 0x50000000, 0x0
Support fstype : 2nd  boot  factory  raw  fat  ext4  emmc  nand  ubi  ubifs
Reserved part  : partmap  mem  env  cmd
DONE: Logo bmp 300 by 270 (3bpp), len=243054
DRAW: 0x47000000 -> 0x46000000
Load USB Driver: android
Core usb device tie configuration done
OTG cable Connected!
Starting download of 474048 bytes
downloading 470016 --  99% complete.
downloading of 474048 bytes to 48000000 (0xc8000000) finished
Flash : bootloader
FAIL image too large for partition
FAIL partition does not exist
Flash : bootloader - FAIL
It would seem that the information to build the u-boot is for the 64 bit version for kernel 4.4.

I had not scrolled down far enough to find the u-boot instructions for the 32 bit version for kernel 3.4.

Now I have the LCD almost working but need to take out the rotation I added for the HD702 and S430 LCD I was using and sort out some timing as there is some slight noise on the edges of the images.

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