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Double tap 2 wake. Any kernel experts who can help?

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I am trying to implement double tap to wake on the Nano PC T3 Plus but not getting anything from the underlying driver.

I have implemented the code from here:

https://git.sphere.ly/varun.chitre15/th ... tap2wake.c

It compiles and I can see in the debug output that it initialises:

Code: Select all

[    3.220000] input: dt2w_pwrkey as /devices/virtual/input/input3
[    3.224000] [doubletap2wake]: doubletap2wake_init done

I have enabled the debug output and the touch screen does generate touch events when the display is off but nothing appears in the debug window. ie, the handler is not being called. I suspect I am missing something with the hook into the events. I can see output via cat /sys/input/event1 so I know the touch is working when the display is off.

Any kernel experts who could help with this?
I got to work in regards to getting touch detection but I still need to hook in the video drivers so that the doubletap2wake gets enabled when the display is off and disabled when the display is on.

So far, I've not been able to find the correct place to do this. I can't see to find somewhere the panel on / off is called.
I enable and disable this from the PWM driver for the backlight. Probably an easier place to do this but for now this is reliable way to handle the enabling and disabling of the doubletap2wake feature.

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