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Adding re-chargable battery to the Android build

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As we have no way to connect an external battery to the PMIC on the NanoPC T3 Plus, I was considering adding a suitable battery that would supply 5V at up to 3A to the 5V input on the GPIO connector and adding an I2C based charging IC that I could read the battery state from.

Has anyone looked at this or where to read this in the source code? Is it done at the Kernel level or within the Android source itself? I'd like to have the Android status show the real battery state.
It should work fine. If I was adding a battery I'd use a Battery Power monitor IC... build up a board. Dallas Semiconductor makes a few that would work. Connect the low voltage threshold signal out to one of the free gpio pins and write a user space daemon to run shutdown if the voltage drops too low... or you can use a usb battery monitor and use apcd to run shutdown.
Thanks Jerryn

I updated the kernel recently and it included a new fake battery driver for the NanoPC so I am thinking I could use this as a base to control the system. Using a battery monitor IC with I2C I could read the real value and feed that back into the Android OS.

I am still trying to upload the source to the Internet.
I tried to add an external battery, it works a few minutes then it stops.

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Where did you connect the external battery to?

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