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[Ubuntu-S5P6818] How to create to build a package similar. ?

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Do step by step is correct? and how to create the package roofs.tgz ?
Build a package similar to s5p6818-lubuntu-yyyymmdd-full.img

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# git clone https://github.com/friendlyarm/sd-fuse_s5p6818.git
# cd sd-fuse_s5p6818
# sudo ./mkimage.sh lubuntu
# DEV=`losetup -f`
# losetup ${DEV} s5p6818-lubuntu-yyyymmdd-full.img
# partprobe ${DEV}
# sudo mkfs.vfat ${DEV}p1 -n LUBUNTU
# mkdir -p /mnt/fat
# mount -t vfat ${DEV}p1 /mnt/fat
# sudo wget -qO- | tar xvz -C /mnt/fat --strip-components=1
# umount /mnt/fat
# losetup -d ${DEV}
Armbian has support for this chip as well. You can try building T3 ,T3+, M3, Fire3 ... most of the things work.


Use parameter EXPERT="yes" to get access to those boards - they are still officially WIP.

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