I folow the step by step: http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPC-T3#Compile_U-Boot_2

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git clone https://github.com/friendlyarm/u-boot.git 
cd u-boot
git checkout nanopi2-v2016.01
make make s5p6818_nanopi3_defconfig
make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-

Using fastboot tool to flash u-boot.bin faled.
Seeing the log error:

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$ ~/nanopc/u-boot
└> sudo fastboot flash bootloader u-boot.bin
sending 'bootloader' (462 KB)...
OKAY [  0.327s]
writing 'bootloader'...
FAILED (remote:  partition does not exist)
finished. total time: 0.338s

NOtes: --Also to try the source from: [url]git clone https://github.com/friendlyarm/uboot_nanopi2.git[/url] compile to flash is success. What is the change?