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Just got mine and can't get any HDMI video from it!

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Hi got mine yesterday with a little LCD screen too. I put 2 images on a 32GB SD card.






In that order.

All so got it with the heat sink and fan. Put that on.

The Android worked good but I want Ubuntu on it. I thought maybe the LCD on it will not let it go out the HDMI. So took off the heat sink just to unplug the ribbon cable to the LCD screen. Used the end of a ink pen to put the pin out.

Put Ubuntu back on it and no HDMI screen so put Android back on it. Still not HDMI.

All so the fan all ways goes full speed. Can't it adjust by how hot the CPU gets?

So what can I do to get the HDMI working?

-Raymond Day
Put a new image on the 32 GB ST card I have and I booted up it still wasn't getting any video through the HDMI.

But then I moved it a little bit and it started getting video I said yes it works.

Then I plug in the Ethernet cable that is next to the HDMI cable and the video went off and I can't get it to go back on. I wiggled the cable just little bit thinking maybe it's the connection or something plugged it out and plug it back in still can't get video of it anymore.

Any way I can send this back and get a new one something must be wrong with the HDMI connector.

I already installed in the case it works really nice have to take that heatsink off put it in the case and then put that heatsink on because it just won't fit otherwise.

The fan is loud and it looks like it doesn't slow down I don't know if there will be a setting or not to make it slow down if I can get the video to work on it.

-Raymond Day
Looks like the HDMI is working good now. Not sure what was wrong. I can even move it around and still get video.

-Raymond Day

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