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Nanopi m3 bluetooth & wifi

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Where are the datasheet for wifi & bluetooth on the M3 board?
I need to configure it for bare metal applications.

Check the M3 schematic. If is a AP6210 go to the bottom of the NanoPI Wiki page
It is a ap6212. It is apparently based on a broadcom chip.
After many searches, nothing enables me to code it, past reverse engineering maybe.

I find it odd that manufacturers don't release the API + addresses with the doc (or as an annex)..

It must either be a recognised kernel driver in Debian Jessie or FA have written some code to interface to it. Still that would only give you the API that they have used.

Try asking FA directly if they would release it.

Good luck,
For the NanoPi:


it tells you how to turn in ON. That is a start.
Actually, the APi is the only thing I need.

I don't want to rewrite the whole stack or interfere with it. Just a msg list in a FIFO to send and receive and configure some basic stuffs like being discoverable or not.

The specification talks about the gpio connected to bluetooth, I think I can do something with it.

But I will definitely need to talk to FA tech to know the API.

Thanks Davef

I am pretty sure that I just need to use the UART to send my commands and set my interrupts to answer bluetooth events.
Then read the HCI buffers and keep rolling.

Actually, it should be much simpler than I thought.
Actually the Bluetooth driver of Linux is in:https://github.com/friendlyarm/wireless,and about Android system the Bluetooth driver is in kernel code.
About Bluetooth and WiFi datasheet which named AP6212,you can download in wiki :http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/images/5/57/AP6212_V1.1_09022014.pdf .
Bluetooth uses UART2 serial in the board,about all of Bluetooth sources you can read the source codes which are open source completely.
Regarding Bluetooth on both NanoPi-M3 and NanoPC-T3 (using AP6212/BCM43438) please read here:


and try my Bluetooth fix tarball attached to that post.


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