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ili9341 - Nanopi Fire3 - Kali Version

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:30 am
by proxytype
I just download the kali os version, there is any possible to connect ili9341 tft? what are the device i need to add to device tree or loading by modprobe?

i try to connect this pins:

VDD_3.3V = 1
GND = 6
LCD_CS = 24
LCD_DC = 22
SPI_CLK = 23

nothing but backlight,

i try to follow this guide: ... _2.8.22LCD

focusing on this section:
6.2 S5P4418/S5P6818

but still nothing...

i dump the s5p6818-nanopi3-rev05.dt, i found this section:

Code: Select all

 fbtft@0 {
                status = "okay";
                compatible = "sitronix,st7789v";
                reg = <0x00000000>;
                spi-max-frequency = <0x02faf080>;
                rotate = <0x0000005a>;
                fps = <0x00000021>;
                buswidth = <0x00000008>;
                dc-gpios = <0x0000004a 0x0000001c 0x00000000>;
                reset-gpios = <0x0000004b 0x00000008 0x00000000>;
                debug = <0x00000000>;
                phandle = <0x000000b0>;
                controller-data {
                    samsung,spi-feedback-delay = <0x00000000>;

try to load it by myself:

sudo modprobe fbtft name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:22,dc:18,mosi:19,clk:23,cs:24 debug=1

any suggestions?

Re: ili9341 - Nanopi Fire3 - Kali Version

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:56 pm
by johnlernert
I bought this 240x320 2.8" ILI9341 LCD touch screen here but can't get it working. I tried a few different libraries other then getting the screen to light up I can't get it working.

Anyone know how to hook this thing up with an UNO and get it working? I can probably figure out the software side, but I'm not confident I have the pins connected correctly. Should the VCC and LED pins both be connected to 3.3V or 5V on the UNO? Which pins are necessary to use? (excluding the touch or SD card).