My recent order of Nano PC T3 Plus boards has come preloaded with Android 7.0 and I am trying to put Android 5.1 but getting boot issues and kernel panics.

I used the latest eflasher for Android for Lollipop from 27 Dec 2019 and it boots into Android 5.1 but has portrait mode. My custom build runs in landscape.

When I try to use the eflasher I have from before with my custom Android 5.1 it will write to emmc but will not boot. There is not even any output from the debug port. I've tried 2 different Nano PC T3 Plus boards and both are the same.

I have a suspicion there has been some kernel changes for memory or other changes and this is preventing the u-boot and kernel to run.

Any one know how to reformat the emmc from the command line after u-boot is started? I'll also check github for changes.